The Point of Sale Skimmer


A device that’s generally inserted over or inside the card slot of a legitimate point of sale (merchant cash register) card reader. When you insert your debit or credit card, the skimmer records the data on the magnetic strip of your card. The card passes through the skimmer and enters the legitimate card reader. Your transaction, in most cases, will process as normal but your card data has been copied. Card skimmers are specifically made to duplicate or look similar to the card reader on to which it will be affixed to.


The card skimmer is one of two components needed for a fraudster to clone your debit or credit card and use it for fraudulent transactions. Find out how a skimmer scam works.

Always use your hand to shield your P.I.N. as you enter it.
If the fraudsters do not have your P.I.N. they cannot use your cloned card in P.I.N. based transactions.